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Gamified Features

As the DAO is phased in, the community will have the opportunity to create and vote on proposals pertaining to play-to-earn games. These games range anywhere from lotteries, to prediction markets, to alien-themed board games.
Gamified features such as play-to-earn games will increase the SAUCE token velocity. To give a specific example, consider a lottery game where users contribute their tokens to a prize pool. Prizes are broken down into brackets, where each bracket’s prize pool is a portion of the total SAUCE in each lottery round (e.g., first 1 number corresponds to 2% of the pool, first 2 numbers correspond to 3%, …, first 6 numbers correspond to 40%; with a total payout of 80% of the total SAUCE allocated to the pool). This leaves 20% of unallocated tokens which can be redistributed to farmers in the form of LP farm rewards.