Partnership Inquiries

For general partnership inquiries, you can contact us via email: [email protected], or by completing a request form.

Token Listing

The SaucerSwap interface is designed to be permissionless and inclusive, while also taking a firm stance against bad actors seeking to exploit the community. As such, several safeguards are in place to protect users and provide market clarity. One such safeguard is a tiered listing system, where all HTS tokens fit within one of three distinct classes: default, extended, or untracked.

Anyone may initialize a liquidity pool with any two HTS tokens, regardless of whether these tokens are listed on the interface. If a token is not listed (i.e., untracked), a user can import it by pasting the Hedera token ID (e.g., 0.0.123456) into the search bar of the token menu.

The extended list offers a fast and easy way for smaller projects to get their tokens listed on the interface without having to complete a due diligence process or meet liquidity requirements, thereby upholding the permissionless ethos of SaucerSwap.

The default list is reserved for larger and more established projects, including high-value assets bridged from other chains (e.g., WBTC[hts], USDT[hts]) and prominent Hedera projects (e.g., SAUCE, HST, DOVU). To be added to this list, the project's team must undergo a due diligence process led by HeadStarter, face scrutiny from the SaucerSwap DAO in the form of a vote, and meet liquidity requirements.

This tiered listing system empowers the community by making it easier for both hobbyist and funded developers to access liquidity for their tokens, while also maintaining trust and integrity in the Hedera DeFi ecosystem.

Note that most projects within the Hedera DeFi ecosystem are best suited for the extended list.


Tokens on SaucerSwap fall into one of three classes: default, extended, or untracked. These classes are defined below:


  • Appears in user interfaces (No disclaimer)

  • Appears in APIs

  • Eligible for yield farm & LARI

  • Discord price bot

  • HeadStarter Sentinel report

  • SaucerSwap request form

  • Passing vote by DAO

  • Minimum $100k token liquidity


  • Appears in user interfaces (Disclaimer)

  • Appears in APIs

  • Eligible for yield farm & LARI

  • SaucerSwap request form


  • Can be manually imported into interfaces (Disclaimer)

  • Appears in APIs

  • No criteria

Extended Listing Instructions

  1. Create a liquidity pool containing your token + HBAR or another HTS token (e.g., SAUCE, USDC). There are no liquidity requirements for tokens on the extended list.

  2. Submit a request form.

  3. SaucerSwap Labs will add your token to the extended list within 4-5 business days of receiving the application.

Default Listing Instructions

  1. Complete a Sentinel report through HeadStarter. This involves answering basic questions about your project.

  2. Once the report is published and you and your community have added $100,000 of liquidity for your token, plus an equivalent value of paired token(s), submit a request form.

  3. A Discord poll will be created for eligible candidates. This poll will include a description of your project and link to the Sentinel report.

  4. The SaucerSwap DAO will have 48 hours to vote yes or no. A >70% supermajority is considered a passing vote.

  5. SaucerSwap Labs will promptly add your token to the default list.

The updated listing requirements take effect on March 27th, 2024. Listings applied for before this date will adhere to the previous standards.

Yield Farm (V1)

Projects are eligible for a yield farm once their token has been added to either the default or extended list on the SaucerSwap interface. They may apply by submitting a request form. A maximum of two yield farms per token will generally be permitted. Should a project wish to incentivize an additional token pair, a new request form may be submitted. Upon receipt of this form, the decision will be subjected to community voting, similar to the process for token listings. A >70% supermajority is considered a passing vote.

The token must demonstrate sufficient liquidity and consistent trading volume to be considered for a yield farm, ensuring organic demand exists without the need for further incentives. Liquidity and trading volume will be evaluated individually for each application. All approved yield farms will feature dual token emissions in the form of SAUCE and HBAR.


The Liquidity-Aligned Reward Initiative (LARI) is integrated into SaucerSwap V2, offering liquidity providers a way to earn additional incentives without staking. Activated upon creation of a V2 position, LARI allocates rewards in accordance with the size and efficacy of the liquidity contributed. These rewards are automatically distributed via airdrop at the end of two-week epochs.

LARI supports the distribution of multiple HTS tokens across various liquidity pools, thereby allowing projects to tailor campaigns specific to their token. For initiating a LARI campaign, inquiries can be directed to [email protected].

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