🏊‍♂️Community Pools

Community Pools, an upcoming feature, will serve as the gateway for high-quality projects to enter the SaucerSwap ecosystem. These pools provide projects with rapid access to liquidity, eliminating the need to raise venture capital or list on centralized exchanges. Simultaneously, they enable xSAUCE holders to earn rewards without the risk of impermanent loss. This streamlined approach accelerates the development of the ecosystem.

  • HeadStarter Incubation: Eligible projects must complete HeadStarter's accelerator program, ensuring rigorous vetting for code security, ethical practices, and development integrity. This vetting process safeguards SaucerSwap from potential risks and maintains project quality standards.

  • Governance: The SaucerSwap DAO votes to grant Community Pools to selected projects. It can also decide to allocate farm emissions to a project's primary liquidity pool (e.g., TokenA / HBAR).

  • Community Pool Creation: Projects initiate Community Pools, allocating a percentage of their token's max supply to be distributed over time.

  • xSAUCE Staking: Users stake xSAUCE in Community Pools, earning rewards in the project's token without impermanent loss risk.

Community Pools introduce a novel bootstrapping mechanism, empowering projects and contributing to the growth of the Hedera ecosystem.

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