Single-Sided Staking

How to Stake SAUCE: Instructional Video

How to Stake SAUCE: Written Guide

  1. Prerequisites

  • Launch the web-app and connect your wallet.

  • Ensure you have sufficient HBAR for network fees and SAUCE tokens to stake.

  1. Navigate Interface

  • Head over to the "Stake" page of the interface.

  1. Understand Metrics

  • Scroll down to the "Phase 1" section. Here you will find:

    • SAUCE/xSAUCE: The exchange rate between SAUCE in the Infinity Pool and circulating xSAUCE. This rate updates once a day when rewards are sent to the Infinity Pool.

    • Claimable SAUCE: The SAUCE you can claim if you unstake all your xSAUCE. Calculated by multiplying your xSAUCE by the SAUCE/xSAUCE rate.

    • TVL: Total claimable SAUCE in the Infinity Pool, in USD.

    • Approximate APR: A 5-day average APR based on the growing SAUCE/xSAUCE exchange rate.

  1. Stake SAUCE

  • Click the "Stake" button.

  • Input the number of SAUCE tokens you wish to stake.

  • Click "Approve & Stake."

  • If xSAUCE is not associated to your account, you will be prompted to do so. Approve this in your wallet.

  • Complete the staking transaction in your wallet.

  1. Claimable SAUCE Updates

  • Your claimable SAUCE will update once a day. The SAUCE amount will go up, although the dollar value may fluctuate.

  1. Unstake SAUCE

  • Click "Unstake" and specify the number of tokens you wish to unstake.

  • Click "Approve & Unstake" and complete the transaction in your wallet.

Note: You can stake or unstake at any time in the Infinity Pool; no lockup periods or slashing apply.

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