How to Swap Tokens: Instructional Video

How to Swap Tokens: Written Guide

  1. Prerequisites

  • Launch the web-app and connect your wallet.

  • Ensure you have sufficient HBAR for network fees and tokens to swap.

  1. Navigate Interface

  • Head over to the "Swap" page.

  1. Specify Swap Details

  • Click on "TokenA" to bring up the token menu.

  • For Untracked tokens, manually enter the token ID (e.g., 0.0.123456).

  • A disclaimer must be acknowledged for Extended and Untracked tokens.

  • Repeat the above step for "TokenB."

  • Input the quantity of tokens you wish to swap.

ExactInput: Swap an exact amount of TokenA for an estimated amount of TokenB.

ExactOutput: Swap an estimated amount of TokenA for an exact amount of TokenB.

  • Set your preferred slippage tolerance in the settings. E.g., a 0.1% tolerance will cause the swap to fail if slippage exceeds this value.

    • Slippage Tolerance: This represents the slippage you are willing to tolerate in a trade. The default setting is 0.5%, but can be adjusted based on factors such as liquidity. To modify, click the pencil icon next to 'Slippage' or use the gear icon in the navigation bar. A lower value provides price accuracy but may result in failed transactions. Conversely, a higher value boosts transaction success rate but could lead to price discrepancies.

  • Review swap details.

    • Min. Received: The minimum amount of TokenB received on a swap. This appears for ExactInput swaps and varies, depending on the slippage tolerance.

    • Max. Sold: The maximum amount of TokenA sold on a swap. This appears for ExactOutput swaps and varies, depending on the slippage tolerance.

    • Price Impact: The percentage difference between the market price and the estimated swap price. Higher impact indicates a less favorable swap, often due to low liquidity. Lower impact is usually better and occurs in high-liquidity pools.

    • Fee: A swap incurs a fee ranging from 0.05% to 1.00%, depending on the liquidity pool. Of this fee, 5/6 is allocated to liquidity providers, while 1/6 goes to the protocol. Keep in mind that this is separate from Hedera network fees. Multi-hop swaps incur a fee for each involved liquidity pool.

  • You can toggle between alternative routing options, however note that the optimal route is selected by default.

  1. Execute Swap

  • Click the "Approve & Swap" button.

  • Complete the transaction in your wallet.

  1. Transaction Confirmation

  • Post-transaction details can be viewed on HashScan.

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