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Management of DAO Treasury

The DAO treasury will initially contain 2.0% of the max supply of SAUCE. Over the first 3 years, it will receive an additional 20,000,000 SAUCE from emissions. Furthermore, it will receive 20% of SAUCE buybacks from (i) 0.05% of swap fees, (ii) HBAR native staking rewards, and (iii) 3% of farm emissions. The former 2 sources of revenue will persist indefinitely, ensuring the DAO is financially sustained. This SAUCE will be diversified into a basket of assets, including HBAR, stablecoins, and LP tokens. These LP tokens may be farmed to maximize capital efficiency. Likewise, the SAUCE may be staked in the Infinity Pool, so long as this does not significantly impact the APR. Once the DAO is phased in, these assets will be allocated to fund various operations.