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Swap Tutorial

How to Swap Tokens: Instructional Video

How to Swap Tokens: Guide

  • Before starting, ensure you have sufficient HBAR to cover gas fees. Intructions on how to obtain free HBAR can be here.
  • On the Swap page, navigate to the top right of the nav bar and click Connect Wallet.
  • This will open a window that prompts you to connect your wallet via HashConnect. Select one of three options: Pair with Wallet, Pair with Code, or Pair with QR Code.
  • Approve the connection in HashPack.
  • In the user interface, select Token A (From) and choose the token you would like to swap. Repeat this process for Token B (To) - the token you wish to receive.
  • SaucerSwap only displays defaut and extended token lists. If you do not see a token you wish to swap, you can import it to the experimental list by entering the token ID in the search bar, acknowledging the disclaimer, and clicking OK.
Note that an imported token is not tradable until it is paired with another asset. See Liquidity.
  • Once the desired trading pair has been selected, enter the amount of Token A you wish to swap in the upper field. The estimated amount of Token B received is automatically calculated, determined by the ratio of the pool. Alternatively, enter the amount of Token B you would like to receive in the lower field. The amount of Token A swapped is calculated by the same ratio.
  • Lastly, ensure the Slippage, Min. Receive, Price Impact, Fee, and Route are to your satisfaction.
Slippage: the difference between the expected price of a trade and the actual price at which the trade is executed.
Min. Received: the minimum amount of Token B received on a trade. This varies, depending on the slippage tolerance.
Slippage Tolerance: the amount of slippage (expressed as a percentage) you are willing to take on a trade. By default, this is set to 0.5%. You may need to adjust this, depending on the available liquidity. Do so by clicking the pencil icon adjacent to Slippage, or by clicking the gear on the nav bar. A low value ensures the price at the confirmation time closely matches the actual price of the transaction, although this comes at the risk of my transaction failing. A higher value increases the likelihood of my transaction succeeding, at the risk of a discrepancy between these prices.
Price Impact: the difference between the market price and estimated price due to trade size. The lower the price impact, the more desirable the trade outcome.
Fee: for each trade a fixed 0.30% fee is paid, of which, 0.25% goes to liquidity providers and 0.05% to the DAO Treasury. Note that this is in addition to the gas fee.
Route: Trades can be routed through multi-hops (intermediary LPs). By default, the protocol will choose a route that affords the best price for your trade, however, you can manually select any available route.
Note that a 0.30% fee + gas is charged for each multi-hop in the route.
  • Once you are ready to proceed, click Swap and approve the transaction in HashPack. The gas fee will be displayed in-wallet. If you have not yet associated the token, you will first be prompted to do so first.
  • The trade should excecute within several seconds. If it fails, try increasing your slippage tolerance. If the issue persists, reach out to the team in a Discord support channel.
  • Transaction details are available on HashScan. Click the link in the top right pop-up window to be redirected.
As of Hedera mainnet version 0.39.0, SaucerSwap requires your approval to execute a transaction on your behalf.