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Single-Sided Staking Tutorial

How to Stake SAUCE: Instructional Video

How to Stake SAUCE: Guide

  • First, connect your HashPack and ensure you have a non-zero balance of SAUCE and sufficient HBAR to cover gas fees.
  • Navigate to the Stake page.
  • Scroll down to the interface with header Phase 1.
SAUCE/xSAUCE: the balance of SAUCE in the Infinity Pool divided by the circulating supply of xSAUCE. This exchange rate updates once a day when rewards are sent to mothership.sol.
Claimable SAUCE: the total number and dollar amount of SAUCE you can claim by unstaking all of the xSAUCE in your account. This is a measure of principal and accrued rewards, and is calculated by multiplying your xSAUCE by the SAUCE/xSAUCE exchange rate.
TVL: the total claimable SAUCE in the Infinity Pool, expressed in dollar amount.
Approximate APR: 5-day average of day-over-day change in the SAUCE/xSAUCE exchange rate, annualized. For more information, see APR.
  • First click Stake.
  • Next, enter the number of SAUCE tokens you wish to stake in the pop-up window and click Stake once more. If you have not already associated xSAUCE, you will be prompted to do this first. Approve the association transaction in HashPack.
  • Next, approve the stake transaction in HashPack.
  • The transaction should execute within several seconds. If you are encountering issues, reach out to the team in a Discord support channel.
  • Transaction details are available on Hashscan. Click the link in the top right pop-up window to be redirected.
  • Once staked, your Claimable SAUCE will update once a day at random. This number will always increase, although the dollar amount will fluctuate up and down depending on the token’s price.
  • To unstake, simply click Unstake, enter the number of tokens you wish to unstake in the pop-up window, and click Unstake once more.
  • Approve the transaction in HashPack.
  • You can stake or unstake at any time. There is no lockup period or slashing in the Infinity Pool.