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Single-Sided Staking Tutorial

How to Stake SAUCE: Instructional Video

How to Stake SAUCE: Guide

  • First, connect your HashPack and ensure you have a non-zero balance of SAUCE and sufficient HBAR to cover gas fees.
  • Navigate to the Stake page.
  • Scroll down to the interface with header Phase 1.
SAUCE/xSAUCE: the balance of SAUCE in the Infinity Pool divided by the circulating supply of xSAUCE. This exchange rate updates once a day when rewards are sent to mothership.sol.
Claimable SAUCE: the total number and dollar amount of SAUCE you can claim by unstaking all of the xSAUCE in your account. This is a measure of principal and accrued rewards, and is calculated by multiplying your xSAUCE by the SAUCE/xSAUCE exchange rate.
TVL: the total claimable SAUCE in the Infinity Pool, expressed in dollar amount.
Approximate APR: 5-day average of day-over-day change in the SAUCE/xSAUCE exchange rate, annualized. For more information, see APR.
  • First click Stake.
  • Next, enter the number of SAUCE tokens you wish to stake in the pop-up window and click Stake once more. If you have not already associated xSAUCE, you will be prompted to do this first. Approve the association transaction in HashPack.
  • Next, approve the stake transaction in HashPack.
  • The transaction should execute within several seconds. If you are encountering issues, reach out to the team in a Discord support channel.
  • Transaction details are available on Hashscan. Click the link in the top right pop-up window to be redirected.
  • Once staked, your Claimable SAUCE will update once a day at random. This number will always increase, although the dollar amount will fluctuate up and down depending on the token’s price.
  • To unstake, simply click Unstake, enter the number of tokens you wish to unstake in the pop-up window, and click Unstake once more.
  • Approve the transaction in HashPack.
  • You can stake or unstake at any time. There is no lockup period or slashing in the Infinity Pool.
As of Hedera mainnet version 0.39.0, SaucerSwap requires your approval to execute a transaction on your behalf.