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SaucerSwap's native token is $SAUCE: a transferable representation of attributed utility functions; namely, liquidity, staking, governance, and payments specified in the code. It is therefore designed to be a utility token essential to the protocol. 200 million SAUCE tokens were minted at genesis, while the remaining 800 million will be brought into circulation according to the release schedule.
The total supply of SAUCE is hard-capped and will not exceed 1 billion tokens. Furthermore, SaucerSwap will not utilize a burn-and-mint equilibrium (BME) model. SAUCE is, however, a buyback deflationary token due to its staking mechanism.
SAUCE can be traded on SaucerSwap, as well as on MEXC Global.


Newly minted SAUCE serves a liquidity mining incentive, used to offset impermanent loss and bootstrap liquidity on the protocol.


Furthermore, the token plays an integral role in single-sided staking and Community Pools. Users can stake SAUCE in a contract to receive a percentage of swap fees, HBAR native staking rewards, and farm emissions. By staking SAUCE, a user immediately receives xSAUCE tokens as receipt. Users will eventually be able to stake xSAUCE in Community Pools to compound yield.


The SaucerSwap protocol is governed by a DAO, where the community will create and vote on proposals to steer protocol development and control incentives. This governance framework may leverage smart contracts and Hedera services. Votes will be proportional to the amount of SAUCE in a user's account, where 1 SAUCE token = 1 vote.


SAUCE will serve as the exclusive method of payment for several SaucerSwap ecosystem integrations, including a subscription-based model that offers real-time notifications, insights, advanced analytics, and UI/UX customization.